Talking to Children About COVID-19 and the New Normal

As a parent of two, I find that it can be a struggle to always put on a positive face for my children during this uncertain time. So much of their world has changed so quickly. With so many questions about COVID-19 and social distancing, I felt like I needed to see what resources are out there to help guide these conversations. And though it doesn’t take away the sadness, it is helping me feel better to know that I am not alone with this struggle. And neither are you.

Rediscovering Childhood Favorites on Hoopla

Seeing as we are watching a little more television than normal, my son has really taken an interest in hearing about the shows and cartoons we liked to watch growing up. Over lunch the other day, he asked if there were any shows that we watched as a kid that he could still see today. I was amazed at how much I rediscovered on Hoopla. Maybe you’ll go down a rabbit hole too and discover some of your own nostalgic favorites!

Always Available on Hoopla: Elementary Reads

Like many families right now, mine is trying to figure out a new normal. We’re working to find the balance of work and play—for both adults and children—and some days we are achieving it better than others. But even if so much in our world right now is unpredictable, I am thankful for two things that are constant: the Library and books.

Missing Storytime? We Can Help!

We understand if you’re missing your visits to the Library right now. We miss you too! We wish we could all be learning together, but since our librarians are at home too, we’re sharing some of our storytime and reading favorites so you can enjoy them at home with your family.