Adult seated at desk with computer talking on phone. The phrase "digital literacy" is in the bottom left corner.

Digital Skills Basics: Using Email

Tue., Sep. 8
Open the browser of your choice (Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome) and, in the address bar at the top, go to your email’s website. For example, if you use Gmail go to If you use Mail go to   Look for the email login and type in your email address and password.  You should be brought to your inbox where you can see incoming…
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Digital Skills Basics: Get Online and Get Around

Mon., Aug. 24
So much of life is now online: job applications, tax forms and banking are just a few of the things that are mostly done online. It’s important to be comfortable using the Internet. Here are a few introductory steps that will help get you started!  Connecting to the Internet:   At Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, public desktop computers and laptops will already be connected to the Internet.…