Sugar and Spice and Not So Nice

When you think of your favorite fictional characters, who comes to mind? I’m drawn to powerful, snarky, unforgiving women. You know the ones…the “bad” girls. Whether they’re committing crimes, talking … Continued

On the Road Again

Summer is upon us, and with it, the unmistakable urge for going. I’ve got a trip lined up in a few weeks to visit my family on the west coast, and … Continued

Cat Scratch Fever

If you recall, earlier this month I discussed my thrilling discovery of Eric Garcia’s perplexing Anonymous Rex series. Once you’ve warmed to the “Dino Mafia” genre (a phrase I never … Continued

Extinct? Think Again

In my opinion, all good novels have a twist. Whether it’s a case of mistaken identities, a long buried secret, or a suppressed desire threatening to disrupt a peaceful equilibrium … Continued