Fake Dating Romances

The fake dating trope might be farfetched, but it’s beloved by the romance-reading community for creating funny situations, angsty miscommunications, and reluctant—but undeniable—attraction between characters. Check out the zany shenanigans and sizzling chemistry in the following romcom titles featuring fake relationships that may or may not turn real (spoiler alert: they do!)

Cultural Criticism

If you’ve ever annoyed a friend by talking too much about the last thing you watched, listened to, or read, these books of criticism can help you keep the conversation going. Thinking with, through, and against the thoughts of someone else can deepen your experience with a work of art.

Adult Battle of the Books 2023

Competitive readers, it is time to wipe off your reading glasses, sharpen your pencils and put on the coffee: Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh is pleased to announce that Adult Battle of the Books, the book-based trivia showdown, will return for 2023. This year in October, we are embarking on a spooky theme for our title selections.

Memoirs by Journalists

The field of journalism has a reputation for objectivity and hard truths, with little room for a writer’s personal voice. But what happens if you’re a journalist – and the stories you want to cover are about your own life? Find out by reading these memoirs by renowned journalists, where the authors’ personal histories blend masterfully with their expertise in investigative reporting.

Queer Science Fiction

In queer science fiction, authors move us beyond the homophobia and transphobia of the current moment to alternate realities where LGBTQIA+ communities are free to love, live, and thrive. In the following list of titles, tropes of the genre are subverted to create something wholly original, but with the galactic settings and technological speculation that sci-fi fans know and love.

Pride of Place

The following list of books look at both history and the current moment through the lens of gay populations, viewing how specific cities and regions have been marked by the … Continued