Black-Authored Cookbooks

Sample the delicious flavors and histories of Black cuisine. From dishes that show the roots of African American cooking to modern sweet treats, you’re sure to find something to tempt your palate. 

A Romance for Everyone

This list includes a variety of romances and relationships that are fictional in their creation, but might be closer to real life than expected.  

Criminal Court Reads

When taken to court, criminal matters involve very high stakes for anyone involved. Therefore, developing knowledge of the criminal process beyond TV dramas and movies is vital for an individual’s ability to advocate for themselves and for others in their community.

Businesses Behaving Badly

There has been a recent influx of popular television shows surrounding high finance and big business. From “Succession” to “Billions” to “Industry,” the behind-the-scenes machinations of these worlds, so foreign to most of us, becomes the perfect fodder for the screen. But these shows all represent imagined accounts of fictional companies. There are, however, many recent book releases dealing with real companies with very real drama, all of which has lasting societal impacts. And as these books showcase, there really is no way you can make this stuff up. 

Winter Chillers

Isolated by snow storms, stalked by monsters and haunted by screams in the night. These frigid horror tales will chill you to the bone. The perfect picks for the darkest time of the year. 

Gritty Crime Novels

Shorter days. Longer nights. Cold. Sleet. Gray skies. If you really want to lean in to the bleak midwinter, check out these gritty crime novels. Don’t be fooled by some of the sunny settings. Flawed heroes, pessimistic viewpoints, and stark writing all feature in these harsh tales tailor-made for days you’d rather stay inside.

Decorating With Flowers and Other Plant Materials

As the nights grow longer and the days get grayer, a flower arrangement may be just the thing to brighten your home and lift your spirits. Check out these Library resources for guidance on how to create your own floral arrangement, wreath or centerpiece.

Immigrant Memoirs

Whether Latinx, Asian or African, these writers consider how those identities mingle with the idea of being an American, from newly arrived to long-term residency. Dealing with themes of deep-rooted identity and the often-impossible navigation of assimilating to a culture that is not always welcoming, these books exhibit an array of hard-won truths about life and finding home.