The Power of Positive Human Interaction

Increasingly it seems we are living in a society that just keeps fracturing. Passionate and emotional disagreements over just about every aspect of life can be overwhelming. How can we start healing and bridging these divides? The following titles suggest the power of positive human interaction as a healing force we can all engage in.

Banned Books Week

Each year the Office of Intellectual Freedom, part of the American Library Association, provides information and publicizes events for Banned Books Week. An annual celebration of the freedom to read, each year’s observance features a list of the top ten most challenged books of the previous year.

Here to Help: Books About Afghanistan

The situation in Afghanistan is complex and there have been many years of conflict leading up to this terrible time. Understanding—even a little bit—what the Afghan people have gone through may help us to figure out how to help. And that could be especially useful as Afghan families and individuals may be coming to Pittsburgh to find new lives and homes. These titles are intended to provide background knowledge and information.

Welcome to Pittsburgh: Eid Al-Adha!

Here is a list of books for children, teens and adults that celebrate Muslim-American experiences, immigrant experiences and the diversity within Islam—including one that takes place in Pittsburgh!