Judy Garland

There is no one like Judy Garland. The voice, the glamour, the tragedy. Garland was a hero to many and her voice –on and off screen–still touches people. 

Nature Writing

Autumn is a beautiful time of year to spend outdoors, but it’s also a perfect season to curl up with a book. Whichever you prefer, you can reconnect with nature, ponder your place in the animal kingdom, and immerse yourself in the rhythm and routines of the wilderness around us with these pieces of nature writing.

Honoring Indigenous Peoples

U.S. Indigenous Peoples’ Day is recognized and celebrated on the second Monday of October. This day is an opportunity to commemorate Native American peoples and their history, and recognizes the … Continued

How to Have Curious Conversations

What keeps us from really seeing each other, and how do we get it out of our way? It is so much easier to talk about people who disagree with us than with them. But there’s … Continued

Rise & Reign of the Mammals

The following list includes books that take a wholly scientific (and eminently readable) approach to the time in and after the fall of the dinosaurs.

Books for the Beach

The sun on your skin, a warm breeze blowing, the sound of waves in the background – and a good book. The beach is a perfect place to get swept … Continued

President & Director Andrew Medlar’s Summer Picks

Summer Reading holds a special place in my heart, because from the year I was born I was always the first kid signed up for it at my neighborhood library. As an adult, that same holds true. Here are five books I loved the most this summer.

Women’s Equality Day

August 26th is the anniversary of women in the United States winning the constitutional right to vote in 1920. In 1973, Congress declared this crucial historical date Women’s Equality Day. … Continued

Disability Pride Month

July is Disability Pride Month. Check out these titles for a mix of memoirs, first-person stories and essays about the modern disability experience, and fiction with disability representation.