Sustainable Living and Ways to Go Green

The definition of sustainability focuses on meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to thrive. But what can we as individuals do to help improve the environment so that future generations have a safe and healthy planet? Check out these books and other resources for suggestions on sustainable living and ways to go green.

The Oscars, Race and Representation

In connection with Dr. Gooding’s talk, here is a list of films spanning almost 100 years, some nominated for or winners of Oscars, and some that are in the canon of Black film history but were not recognized by the Academy.  

Pom-Pom Perfection: Crafting With Yarn

Pom-poms are just about the simplest, cutest thing you can make with yarn! Check out these Library resources for a great introduction to a fun craft suitable for all ages.

Pittsburgh Poets

In this list we celebrate poets that have lived in Pittsburgh, either growing up here or coming here later in life, and whose work is informed by this city. Whether the influence is obvious or more subtle, the crucial worlds that they spin with their words have the power to evoke these landscapes we live in every day.  

Welcome to Pittsburgh: Realistic and Contemporary Fiction

In this list you will find stories of contemporary life in Pittsburgh – literary fiction and domestic fiction. Stories of modern immigrants, coming-of-age tales for college students, the sisterhood of sports fans, all types of romance and heartbreak.

Opera Suite à la Yardbird

Can genius overcome personal demons? Pittsburgh Opera’s April production in this most unusual year of Covid-19 programming is the Pittsburgh premiere of “Charlie Parker’s Yardbird”. The opera, by composer Daniel … Continued

Welcome to Pittsburgh: Mysteries and Thrillers

Since mystery, crime and suspense stories are a big and popular genre, it’s no surprise that they are also the biggest genre of Pittsburgh-based fiction. Literary crime stories, cozy mystery series, hardboiled detectives and all kinds of Mafia families are represented here.