Spring Flings

The days are longer, the sky is bluer and the grass is greener. Spring is filled with endless possibilities, maybe even for a new romance.

Time and Time Again

Have you ever wished you could change history? What would happen? Would it turn out like you expect?

My Favorite Dance Movies

Here are some of my favorite (and danciest) dance films from the Music, Film & Audio Department, all available for checkout.

Dream Pop

Looking for some new music to check out? If you’re a fan of dreamy or atmospheric sounds, then you might want to check out some of our recent favorites in the Music, Film & Audio Department.

Books About Books

There is a smorgasbord of many delicious books about books. I am certain that you have your own favorites. Here are some you may not have savored yet.

Many Voices Telling the Story

The narrators of The Truth According to Us, a story set during the Great Depression, are twelve-year-old Willa, her Aunt Jottie, and a new boarder, Layla Beck.

Our Souls at Night

“Who would have thought at this time in our lives that we’d still have something like this. That it turns out we’re not finished with changes and excitements. And not all dried up in body and spirit.”