Best Books for Babies 2024

  The Best Books for Babies Committee has been meeting annually since 2000 to select and celebrate excellent books for the very youngest listeners. That makes this the 25th list … Continued

The Joy of Discovery

One of the pleasures of spending time with young children is the opportunity to see the wonders of our world (large and small) through their eyes. We grownups can forget sometimes how amazing our everyday experiences really are, so we’re lucky to have the opportunity to be reminded to look, question and experiment. Check out the booklist below to get started on your own investigations. 

Terrific Titles for Toddlers

Each year a committee selects the Best Books for Babies. And every year those of us on the committee see a lot of great books that don’t quite fit the criteria. So, this year we decided to share a list of our favorite books for toddlers, found along the way in our Best Books for Babies’ deliberations. 

Arab American Heritage Month

April is National Arab American Heritage Month, during which we celebrate Arab American history, culture, language, heritage, and accomplishments. One way to celebrate is by reading one (or more!) children’s … Continued

How Do I Love Me? (and You, Too!)

As children learn and grow, the love they feel for themselves, their caregivers and their environments grow too. Close attachments allow children to explore their worlds from a sense of security and safety.

It’s Playtime!

Fred Rogers said, “Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning. But for children play is serious learning. Play is really the work of childhood.” For parents and caregivers, this is a great reminder of the value to children of time spent playing games, enjoying movement, and exercising their imaginations. 

Build a Better World—Together

Shared projects, friendly greetings, and cheerful exploration are some of the ways that the characters in the books below embody the idea of creating community. So check out some of these stories then consider making a plan to connect with the folks in your neighborhood.  

The Power of Trees

Trees are such an important part of our outdoor world and taking the time to look closely at them truly brings out their power. These books look at the remarkable relationships that can happen between humans and trees. 


Change can be hard. Transitions require time and energy and there’s not always a straight line from start to finish. Take a peek at the titles below and spend some time talking about how to put your best foot forward—and how to make the best of things when they don’t turn out quite how you’d have liked.