Best Books for Babies 2019

Mon., Apr. 29
For the twentieth time since 2000, a group of local librarians and child development experts has sorted through the previous year's publications to select and promote the ten Best Books for Babies. The Best Books for Babies project is intended to encourage reading beginning at birth and recognize publishers who create excellent books for the very youngest listeners. The books selected, from sturdy board books…

Surprisingly STEM

Fri., Apr. 5
Let's stretch STEM learning beyond the "T" for technology by exploring awesome books about science, engineering, and math for young children.

Librarian's Grab Bag: What Angela is Reading

Sun., Aug. 26
This summer I have been singing, reading, and when possible I sing as I read. Here is a trio of books I have been working through: a middle grade novel about gender identity, an autobiography of a heroine of mine and a picture book you can sing! Enjoy.

Best Books for Babies 2018

Mon., Apr. 9
Each year since 2000 a group of local librarians and child development experts has selected the ten Best Books for Babies published in the previous year. The Best Books for Babies project highlights the importance of reading beginning at birth. Books selected will delight and engage babies age birth through 18 months and the adults who care for them. Best Books for Babies is a…

Tactile Books for Young Children

Thu., Feb. 22
Many children learn best when they engage all of their senses. This is the case for children with print disabilities like blindness or visual impairment. However, books with tactile features are great for all young children. From bumpy tires in Trucks by Dawn Sirett to spiky toothbrush bristles in Getting Ready by Cocoretto, these tactile books for young children have plenty to touch and feel!