Surprisingly STEM

Let’s stretch STEM learning beyond the “T” for technology by exploring awesome books about science, engineering, and math for young children.

Best Books for Babies 2018

Each year since 2000 a group of local librarians and child development experts has selected the ten Best Books for Babies published in the previous year. The Best Books for … Continued

Tactile Books for Young Children

Many children learn best when they engage all of their senses. This is the case for children with print disabilities like blindness or visual impairment. However, books with tactile features … Continued

Books for New Moms

As a new mom, I had so many questions and these books helped to put my mind at ease and let me bond with my baby by reading together.

Books That Inspire Play

Play is a vital ingredient for development, from motor to social skills. Here are a few great books to inspire play that you can find at the library.