Bunny Tales

Fri., Apr. 2
Spring is the perfect time to cuddle with your little one near a sunny window to share books and stories--especially those featuring bunnies.

Preschool Booklist: The Pittsburgh Ready Project

Wed., Mar. 24
The Pittsburgh Ready project links the Library with childcare providers to share robust early literacy resources. If you are looking for a wonderful title to share with a preschooler, check out some of the titles on this list. 

Patience Is a Virtue—and a Very Useful Skill

Mon., Mar. 8
In the best of times, it’s hard to wait. That’s especially true when you are waiting for something you want. Whether it’s a tasty treat or a longed-for experience (hugs, anyone?), it can be challenging to find ways to spend time productively until you finally get what you want. Sharing a book, or encouraging your child to page through a story on their own, is a great way to pass the time. Check out these stories featuring characters who learn the value of patience.

Black Joy

Tue., Feb. 2
These books celebrate Black kids--from babies to middle schoolers--being kids.

Penguin Picture Books

Tue., Jan. 12
Some penguins live in cold places, while others prefer warm beaches. Luckily for us, many of them can be found in books!

Talking With Children About Elections, Violence and Current Events

Fri., Jan. 8
Coping with the flood of information available these days can be challenging, even when utterly unexpected events aren’t overtaking us. Talking calmly and comfortingly with children about current events may feel like it’s almost impossible. But whether difficult conversations are smooth or tricky for your family, sharing a book can be a good starting point.

Get Your Hands on Books for Braille Literacy Month

Tue., Jan. 5
World Braille Day, honors braille’s inventor, Louis Braille and the whole month of January brings awareness to this tactile writing code. To learn a little more about reading braille, check out these hands-on and/or braille board books or biographies of Louis Braille.