Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month: Children’s Books

Celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month with these great children’s selections! For more titles that highlight Hispanic and Latine authors and stories, check out what’s available in our catalog as well as our Libby collection.

The Power of Trees

Trees are such an important part of our outdoor world and taking the time to look closely at them truly brings out their power. These books look at the remarkable relationships that can happen between humans and trees. 


Change can be hard. Transitions require time and energy and there’s not always a straight line from start to finish. Take a peek at the titles below and spend some time talking about how to put your best foot forward—and how to make the best of things when they don’t turn out quite how you’d have liked.

Banned Books: Children’s Books

Banned Books Week is October 1-7. As CLP celebrates the right to read, check out the list below of children’s titles that have been challenged, banned, or censored over the past few years. 

Whimsical Picture Books

Fantasy books are known for their epic battles with dragons, daring heroes, and quests to save the world. But what if you want a more calming, gentle story that still … Continued