Banned Books: Teen Graphic Novels

Is your teenager reluctant about reading? Would they rather pick up a comic book and page through the pictures? If so, these graphic novels may be a hit with your teens this Banned Books Week! 

Wacky Adventures in Cartoony Comics

Life is hard. Perhaps flipping through the zany escapades in one of these books will better equip you to embrace the absurd nature of existence. Maybe it’ll just be a pleasant way to spend an afternoon.

Violins of Hope

Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh is proud to partner with Violins of Hope to bring movement-based workshops, music performances and a panel discussion centered on themes of inclusion, hope and so much more to five library branches.

History in Poems

These poetry collections capture the stories of the 20th century with lines that evoke the immediacy of the moment as much as they detail the facts. Grab one and get familiar with history in verse. 

Magical Middle-Grade Fantasy

Embrace the magic of reading with these middle-grade fantasy books! Whether fantasy based on mythology or completely made up magic systems is your jam, this list has something perfect for you.

Learn to Draw

If you’d like to reinvigorate your life with the creative habits you had in elementary school, these books can help.