It’s National Novel Writing Month! Get some motivation for this year or inspiration for next year’s challenge with these young adult fiction books about teen writers, journalists, and poets.   You … Continued


Check out the YA graphic novel, “Topside” if you like sci-fi adventure and interesting characters. 

Magical Schools for Extraordinary Teens

Get the school year off to a heroic start with these young adult and middle-grade fiction titles about magical schools and institutions for extraordinary teens- and no, they’re not the one you’re thinking of!

Read (Teen) Banned Books

These books are handpicked by library staff to highlight Banned Books Week. They are only a few that represent the American Library Association’s list of challenged books. You can sign … Continued

Cozy Teen Manga

Manga isn’t just blood-pumping action and thrilling adventure – check out these cozy, pastoral teen manga titles to relax and unwind! 

Little Thieves

“Little Thieves” is a tale of magic, complex characters, love, stolen identities, and danger. If you love great worldbuilding and flawed characters, check it out.