Asexual Romance

Mon., Nov. 2
Asexuality--the lack of sexual attraction--doesn’t mean a lack of love. Check out these books to meet asexual characters navigating relationships along the wide spectrum of love, from aromantic to romantic.  

Financial Literacy for Your Family

Mon., Oct. 26
Financial planning and saving can seem overwhelming at times. There are many things you might be thinking about, from your retirement to saving for your kids. Luckily, there are plenty of books to help you.

The Road to Voting Rights

Tue., Oct. 20
2020 marks the centennial of the 19th Amendment and women’s hard-won right to vote. But racism and disenfranchisement meant that, still, not everyone could do the same. As election day approaches, check out these books to see how 1920 was a victory--but only a beginning.  

Elections and Voting

Wed., Oct. 14
Take a look at these books for a variety of ages to learn more about elections and voting.

His Hideous Heart

Tue., Oct. 13
It’s the perfect time of year to read something creepy. Check out "His Hideous Heart," a collection of stories inspired by Edgar Allan Poe’s work.

Cliques, Bullies and Believing in Yourself

Wed., Oct. 7
Bullying takes many forms, often subtle. It’s important to know that you’re not alone. These books feature characters who came out the other side. So can you.

Recommended by PittEd Justice Collective

Mon., Oct. 5
The PittEd Justice Collective and Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh aim to make information and resources available to those seeking to self-educate and engage in productive dialogue around systemic oppression and antiracism.

Awesome Books for Middle Schoolers 2020

Fri., Sep. 25
The 2020 Awesome Books for Middle Schoolers booklist includes diverse books in a variety of formats and genres selected by CLP Teen Specialists. These books are great for middle schoolers.

Who Are You?

Tue., Sep. 15
If you are looking for books that explore diversity in identity, sexuality and relationships, sometimes the best thing to do is to check out some teen titles.