Escapist, Engaging and Immersive Teen Fiction

Tue., Dec. 29
As we have reached the shortest day of the year, I think it is a perfect time to put together a list of recent teen fiction that provides a mental escape. These books are either funny, immersive, quirky, feel-good or a mix of all four. Books that may be called “a romp” or a “page-turner.” Because life isn’t always made of rainbows, these books still…

Queer Allyship for Middle Grade Readers

Mon., Dec. 28
Oozing with empathy and the rewarding process of building community, Operatic serves as story, biography and resource about embracing the truest parts of one’s self and others.

Exploring Watercolor Painting

Wed., Dec. 23
Watercolor painting is a fun creative activity for all ages and all levels of creative expertise. Check out these great resources to help you get started today!

Crossing Borders

Wed., Dec. 2
These stories of LGBTQIA immigrants demonstrate the challenges and triumphs of crossing borders as well as sex and gender binaries.