Magical Middle Grade Books

One of the great things about fiction is that anything can happen. Magic can be real. It’s not just potions and wands–the representations of magic in stories are as varied … Continued

Herding Schrodinger’s Cats

Cham and Whiteson start at the very beginning (literally!) and use entertainment and art (and cats!) to get you to the very reaches of our understanding, and they do it with humor and familiarity.

Non-traditional Holiday Movies

I’ve rounded up a handful of seasonally appropriate movies below, with something that should appeal to even the most discerning cinefile and/or saccharine-adverse.

Yippee-Ki-Yay Happy Holidays!

The State, the Citizen, and Giant Bugs

What exactly is the best relationship between state and citizen? Is the right to vote something that should be earned? And how cool are giant bugs getting blown up by shoulder launched atomic weapons?