Queer Allyship for Middle Grade Readers

Mon., Dec. 28
Oozing with empathy and the rewarding process of building community, Operatic serves as story, biography and resource about embracing the truest parts of one’s self and others.


Wed., Oct. 28
Minecraft can give kids the chance to be creative and develop useful skills such as spatial reasoning, math skills and an interest in coding that can be used in the real world. Here are some Minecraft-related materials to spark your interest—or help you further develop your skills.

Awesome Books for Middle Schoolers 2020

Fri., Sep. 25
The 2020 Awesome Books for Middle Schoolers booklist includes diverse books in a variety of formats and genres selected by CLP Teen Specialists. These books are great for middle schoolers.

The Iron Trial

Fri., Sep. 4
What if Harry Potter didn’t want to go to Hogwarts? You might end up with something like the wonderfully dark middle grade series, "Magisterium," by Holly Black and Cassandra Clare. Check out the first book in the series.

The 2020 Eisner Award Winners

Sat., Aug. 15
The Eisner Awards cover more than 24 categories of the comics industry and are often regarded as the equivalent of its Oscars. Here are the 2020 Eisner Award winners.

Why We Love Talking Animals

Mon., Aug. 10
There's something magical about animals that talk or act like humans. If you're looking for middle grade books that feature this type of character, check out this list.