Oh, The Horror! A Horror Movie History Lesson

Looking to become a horror movie aficionado without falling victim to all those jump scares? More interested in the why of horror rather than the how (like how Michael Myers is still alive for all these sequels!?). If you call horror movies, horror cinema this is the list for you!  

Beyond Pride Month

These titles focus on LGBTQIA+ history and experience through the stories of the people in the community and the images and video captured by the community.

Navigating Information Fatigue: Conspiracies!

The COVID-19 pandemic has further increased our reliance on social media and the Internet for information. This development, combined with underlying political partisanship, has created a breeding ground for disinformation, … Continued

Are You Waiting for Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

If you are waiting for the popular biographical documentary about Mr. Rogers, or if you have seen it already and really enjoyed it, try these recommended films and books selected by the First Floor staff at Main.

This Land is Your Land: America’s National Parks

In our national parks, fundamental ideals such as freedom, civil rights, and conservation were conceived; our natural and cultural history is on full view; and the next generation is encouraged to make their own discoveries and find their own path.

You Are What You Eat!

Uncover the secrets behind the processed food industry in America and learn how to make your diet healthier for both your body and mind.

Hot Off the Press!

Saturday July 30th the library hosted the premiere of a film by Ken Love entitled The Letterpress RIP: A 3D Video, a delightful celebration of the old Pittsburgh Post-Gazette presses … Continued

LGBTQ Documentaries

Celebrate Pride Month with these picks from the Carnegie Library Music, Film & Audio Department. The Carnegie Library has a sizable LGBTQ film collection, which you can browse online here … Continued