Witchy Women and Haunted Places

The books on this list range in tone from Latinx folklore-derived magical realism to claustrophobic psychological terror but they all feature the uncanny, the surreal, or the supernatural in the … Continued

Battle of the Books 2020: 6th Grade Booklist

6th Grade Battle Tuesday, February 18th, 2020 Learn more and register at www.carnegielibrary.org/battleofthebooks If you’re interested in audio or digital copies of the books check out Hoopla and Overdrive (library … Continued

Silhouette of a Sparrow

What kind of bird are you? A hummingbird or maybe a cardinal? Perhaps a falcon, a crow, or even a penguin? Librarians are often thought to be owls, but if I were a bird, I believe I would be a cockatiel or a parrot. Garnet, a young 16-year old girl living in the 1920s and our main character, believes she is a sparrow because of how “normal” her life is so far.

The Manifold Worlds

Foz Meadows’ duology is a refreshing fantasy adventure. On Earth, Saffron Coulter is dealing with continued sexual harrassment at her high school in Australia. She’s given words of encouragement from … Continued

Who is Vera Kelly?

Rosalie Knecht has not written a traditional spy novel for her 2nd published book. Instead, Who is Vera Kelly? is an empathetic character study. As a girl in 1957, Vera … Continued