Crossing Borders

These stories of LGBTQIA immigrants demonstrate the challenges and triumphs of crossing borders as well as sex and gender binaries.

The Starless Sea

“The Starless Sea” is overflowing with mystery, magic, art, love and myth. It is made up of interwoven tales and scraps of stories that come together in surprising ways. There are owl kings, bees, swords, keys and countless doors. Why not open a door and see where it takes you? 

Asexual Romance

Asexuality–the lack of sexual attraction–doesn’t mean a lack of love. Check out these books to meet asexual characters navigating relationships along the wide spectrum of love, from aromantic to romantic.  

Queer Political Struggle

Here is a selection of non-memoir and non-biographical books (and one indispensable classic) on different aspects of queer political struggle and how the politicization of queerness has shaped LGBTQ+ lives and communities.