We all work hard, but when the days get long and lovely like this, doesn’t taking a day off sound good?  As your librarian, I advise you to unlearn the punched-in, on-the-clock hustle mentality, even if just for one day.

Moving Memoirs

This selection of memoirs will hook you from the first page with their moving accounts of living through trauma and upheaval, both personal and collective.

Graphic Reads for English Learners

Graphic novels and graphic nonfiction are great choices for adult English learners. Readers who would ordinarily struggle to grasp the text’s meaning can often understand a story that’s accompanied by illustrations and photographs. Let’s Read English participants … Continued

We Were Witches

In this fictionalized memoir we follow Ariel from her giving birth as a teenager in the 1990s through her early college experience as a single mother. Ariel finds her voice … Continued