Staff Picks categorized 'sci-fi-fantasy'

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Imagine an immersive theme park where guests can live out Wild West stories, creating their own adventures. If this sounds intriguing, and you love theorizing and poring over details and clues, then "Westworld" is the show for you.
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Black and LGBTQ+ Authors

From science fiction to historical fiction and memoirs, these books portray various experiences of both Blackness and queerness.
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Welcome to Pittsburgh: Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Horror

What if UFOs landed at the Point? What if all that was left of the city was a virtual reality archive? What if we slipped into Elfland? Check out these sci-fi, fantasy and horror titles set in Pittsburgh to find out.
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Can't Wait for More WandaVision?

  As you wait for more exciting revelations, why not check out some of the comics storylines that helped inspire the show? Published in 1982, Avengers: Vision and the Scarlet Witch begins the nearly four-decade-long road to WandaVision. Want to know how the famous duo finally tied the knot? This book is the place to start. If you are itching for something a little closer to the marital…
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Speculative, Surreal and Uncanny Short Fiction Collections

The speculative is a space in fiction where the unexpected and impossible can creep in. These recent collections of short stories all deal in the speculative fiction realm but vary in approach and tone. Take a look and find one to suit your mood! 
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Escapist, Engaging and Immersive Teen Fiction

As we have reached the shortest day of the year, I think it is a perfect time to put together a list of recent teen fiction that provides a mental escape. These books are either funny, immersive, quirky, feel-good or a mix of all four. Books that may be called “a romp” or a “page-turner.” Because life isn’t always made of rainbows, these books still…
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Ready Player Two

If you read "Ready Player One," you know it’s a sci-fi treasure hunt brimming with nerdy nostalgia. Author Ernest Cline has delivered again in the sequel, "Ready Player Two." Are you ready to jump into the OASIS for another egg hunt? Strap on your haptic gloves and log in!