Chilling Short Stories

Settle into the impending gloom of winter weather by reading a few stories in these collections. Although not all of these stories are wintry in atmosphere, the suspense and strange phenomena they contain will be sure to send chills down your spine.

Middle-Grade Sci Fi Graphic Novels

Science fiction stories about robots, aliens, and outer space are perfectly suited to the graphic novel format because illustrators can make the impossible feel a little more real through their drawings. 

Queer YA Fantasy & Sci-Fi Graphic Novels

Experience the joy of being queer where anything is possible with these queer sci-fi and fantasy graphic novels for teens. Witches, werewolves, aliens, mermaids, superheroes, knights, spaceships, castles, magic, and much more await you!

Coffee & Book Pairings

Looking for the perfect book to usher in pumpkin spice season? Check out these perfect pairings and pick up a cup from Yinz Coffee! 


You’ve probably heard of ChatGPT and AI, but do you know how it works? Join us for a virtual panel discussion on Zoom with experts in the field discussing the exciting possibilities and challenges in this transformative field on Wednesday, September 27th at 6:00 PM. Check out a few book recommendations below that discuss AI in nonfiction, fiction, and poetry, and you can always search for more through our Catalog.

Magical Middle-Grade Fantasy

Embrace the magic of reading with these middle-grade fantasy books! Whether fantasy based on mythology or completely made up magic systems is your jam, this list has something perfect for you.

Queer Science Fiction

In queer science fiction, authors move us beyond the homophobia and transphobia of the current moment to alternate realities where LGBTQIA+ communities are free to love, live, and thrive. In the following list of titles, tropes of the genre are subverted to create something wholly original, but with the galactic settings and technological speculation that sci-fi fans know and love.

Books Like Wakanda Forever

If you’re on the waiting list for Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, here are some books to tide you over until your copy arrives! You can sign up for a free … Continued