Decorating With Flowers and Other Plant Materials

As the nights grow longer and the days get grayer, a flower arrangement may be just the thing to brighten your home and lift your spirits. Check out these Library resources for guidance on how to create your own floral arrangement, wreath or centerpiece.

Getting Weird in Los Angeles

The history and mystique of Los Angeles lends itself to many works of fiction, songs and movies. These are some of my favorite movies tinged with (or steeped in) oddness, the kind of oddness that can only play out against the background of Los Angeles.

Beyond Pride Month

These titles focus on LGBTQIA+ history and experience through the stories of the people in the community and the images and video captured by the community.

The Oscars, Race and Representation

In connection with Dr. Gooding’s talk, here is a list of films spanning almost 100 years, some nominated for or winners of Oscars, and some that are in the canon of Black film history but were not recognized by the Academy.  

Easy Photography and 3D Photos That Pop!

It’s time to put that smartphone camera to use! Are you looking to expand your photography skills and home decor but without the price tag of a new expensive camera or gallery art? We’ve got a few ideas for you!