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We Could Be Heroes If We Knew What That Meant

Alison Green, the star of the comic Strong Female Protagonist, used to be a superhero named Mega-Girl. She was pretty good at it, too; then she had an existential crisis and went off to college to learn other ways of saving the world. Leaving Mega-Girl behind isn’t all that easy, though: as Alison tries to cobble together a normal life at school, she keeps running into awkward situations.

Love Your Perfume

Clocking in at a mere 140 pages, Andrew Lam’s Perfume Dreams is deceptively slim. Its contents, however, will resonate with readers long after they’ve finished it. Though Lam eagerly embraced American life and assimilated easily, he never really could leave Vietnam behind, and he explores the immigrant experience in this beautiful collection

Crank Up the Mixtape

Reading the print Mixtape is a door that swings both ways: if you’ve already seen the film about soul music, you’ll be thrilled to get the story behind the story. If this is your first encounter with Swedish filmmaker Göran Hugo Olsson’s project, it will definitely inspire you to watch the documentary.


So far, so good: every day Pittsburghers rely on the Library for computer access, educational programs for children and teens, support for adult goals and dreams, and help finding a good book, CD, or movie.