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Who Has the Power?

There’s always that one show that everybody watches, but you don’t. For me that was Power. A lot of people that I know watch the show, including my mother. She was always talking about how good it is. I just never got into it until now. The show centers around James St. Patrick, who is the owner of a New York City nightclub called Truth. This is his legal job. His other job is the distributor for one of the biggest drug cartels in New York City.

Dear White People: A Public Service Announcement

Recently, Netflix released all ten episodes of their series Dear White People, which is based on the movie and book with the same name. The series carries over a lot of what happens in the movie and then expands on it. What helps the series is that the creator of the book and movie, Justin Simien, was on board for the series as creator. Another facet that helps is some of the actors from the movie came back to reprise their roles on the TV series.

Yes, Women Are Funny

When Women’s History Month was approaching, I thought I was going to write about Gloria Steinem, leader of the second wave of feminism and co-founder of Ms. magazine. Her book, My Life on the Road (2015), is definitely worth a read. But I decided to focus on women who are living the lives that second wave feminists fought for. It is still a struggle in a man’s world, even in Hollywood. But being a feminist doesn’t mean you can’t laugh.

Gimme Some Sugar

Last year was a pretty good year for Black television. FX gave us Donald Glover’s show Atlanta and HBO gave us Issa Rae’s Insecure. One great show that may have slipped your radar came from Oprah’s OWN network: Queen Sugar, based on the book of the same name. While I haven’t read the book yet, I really enjoy the TV show.

The Queen of the South

In our home we speak Spanish and English, and we’re always looking at the selection of resources that are available at the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh in Spanish. We have read plenty of books, listened to plenty of music, and watched plenty of movies, but we had never ventured into Spanish TV from the library. That changed when we stumbled upon La Reina Del Sur Volume 1 and 2. We absolutely loved this series.