Playing Dectective

Sat., Jun. 30
Recently I started back watching the BBC series Sherlock. I had seen the first two seasons and then just never had time to devote to the series. Coincidentally, my interest in the series was rekindled around the same time I found myself reading more mysteries. While watching the show and reading these books, I realized how much fun it is to play detective but how…
Book covers and the logo to the PBS show the Great American Read

The Great American Read, from PBS

Wed., Jun. 27
I love books: reading, and literacy go hand in hand with why I want to work at the library after all.  But recently one of our patrons brought something to my attention, and I realized how little I have read as far as what other Americans are reading.  What the patron introduced me to was PBS's The Great American Read.  The Great American Read is an eight part series on PBS about…

STEM Rocks! Geology for Early Learners

Mon., Jun. 25
When we think about STEM nowadays, we tend to picture robots rolling around the children’s space, iPads programmed with entertaining apps, or the newest buzzword in STEM: coding. And while, yes, all of those things do currently have the spotlight in STEM education right now, I’d like to talk about a branch of science that you might not think about as being part of STEM.
Hand-sketched map of Port William, Kentucky with Wendell Berry's fictional inhabitants

Short and Sweet: Watch With Me and six other stories

Sun., Jun. 24
Wendell Berry's collection of thematic short stories, Watch With Me DB 41335 follows the delightful life of one family in the early 1900's in Port William, Kentucky: the gregarious farmer 'Tol Proudfood and his wife, the no-nonsense schoolteacher Miss Minnie. Their quirks and peculiarities endear you to their characters, and the stories in the collection span over 30 years of their lives together. The joy of Berry's…
Plane banking above clouds

Traveling When Blind

Thu., Jun. 21
Traveling can be refreshing and rewarding.  There can also be pitfalls. Traveling when blind can present complications, but they do not have to be overwhelming!  There is more than one school of thought on what is the best approach for a traveler who is blind; specifically, whether to utilize a good deal of the help that is available or whether maintaining maximum independence is actually…
Book cover of Origin


Mon., Jun. 18
I would like to dedicate this blog to Ashlee and Eric. Ashlee, I will miss your laugh and our talks on female emancipation, spirituality and weird people. Eric, I will miss your giggle too. I won’t have anyone to share my Eastern European humor with because, obviously, no one understands it. I wish you both the best of luck in your future careers, and I…
My Cousin Momo Cover

New Locally Produced Title: My Cousin Momo

Sat., Jun. 16
LBPH is proud to share a new locally produced title available for loan or for download from BARD.  My Cousin Momo was narrated by Obama Academy Daevan Mangalmurti. This audiobook was carefully monitored, edited by Melissa Dodge , and produced by Micah Pacileo. DBC 14848 My Cousin Momo By Zachariah O'Hora Momo is coming to visit, and his cousins are SO excited! But even though Momo is a flying squirrel,…
Cover of Who Was William Penn

New Locally Produced Title: Who was William Penn?: and other questions about the founding of Pennsylvania

Wed., Jun. 13
LBPH is proud to share a new locally produced title available for loan or for download from BARD Hidden History of Pittsburgh was narrated Mackenzie Haney and edited by Melissa Dodge. This audiobook was carefully monitored, by the LBPH Studio Team and Volunteers, and produced by Micah Pacileo Who was William Penn?: and other questions about the founding of Pennsylvania by Marty Rhodes Figley DBC14827 Answers questions about William…