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Tax Assistance Resources

Fri., Jan. 15
Wondering where to pick up your tax forms this year, or how to get assistance preparing and filing your taxes? This short guide will give you the information you need to prepare and file your 2020 taxes this season.
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The Affordable Care Act and the Supreme Court

Tue., Nov. 17
On November 10, 2020, the Supreme Court heard oral arguments against the Affordable Care Act, which was passed 10 years ago under the Obama administration. Learn more about the history of this law and what comes next.
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2020 Election Information Roundup

Fri., Oct. 30
Election Day—Tuesday, November 3—is here. Are you ready to vote? Here is a roundup of all our election posts and FAQs to make sure you are informed and prepared! For detailed information about elections, voting and more, please visit the Allegheny County website and VotesPA.com. You can also download the CivicCLP – Voting Resources list of online resources for local, regional, and national voting information.…
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Learning About the U. S. and Global Economy

Fri., Oct. 23
Thanks to those who have participated in our first session of Let’s Talk About...How Should We Rebuild Our Economy?  These events are an opportunity to join a national discussion on issues facing our nation, and invites people with different perspectives and experiences to share their views. To learn more about this brand-new program series, click here.  As written by Jodi Beggs for ThoughtCo., “...economics is the study…
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CLP Polling Locations – 2020 Election 

Tue., Oct. 13
November 3, 2020 is Election Day! Several Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh branches serve as polling places for their communities. Due to current COVID-19 safety procedures, select branches will not be offering in-person library services on Election Day in order to operate as polling locations.   Locations that will be open for voting and OPEN for library services on November 3rd:   Homewood Knoxville Lawrenceville Squirrel Hill  Locations that will be open for voting and CLOSED for library services on November 3rd:  Carrick East Liberty Woods Run  All other…
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Voting at the Polls: What to Expect 

Mon., Oct. 12
Are you voting for the first time in 2020? If so, congratulations! Exercising your right to vote is a powerful part of our democracy, but you might not know what to expect. We’ve talked about mail-in ballots and the different ways of voting in 2020, but what is it like to vote in-person at the polls?  Polls are open in Pennsylvania on November 3rd from 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM, and you can arrive any time during that window. If you are in line before or…