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Gentrification Stories

If you're on the waiting list for the book, "When No One Is Watching," here is a list of some of the best recent stories featuring gentrification at their core.  
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International Stories on Film

If you want to travel the world without leaving home or you miss hearing the language of your homeland and want to see a story from there, hop onto OverDrive to check out these selections.
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Hallucinatory Horror Movies

Watch these Hallucinatory Horror movies when you want something dark for your psyche to chew on. 
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The Unexpected Intimacy of Silence

A few months ago, I went to see the movie, Call Me by Your Name in theaters. When the movie finally ended, I was in tears, and felt that I had seen something truly unique. Capturing the intensity and sadness of first love, the movie shows how beautiful and intimate moments of quiet between characters can be.