Sugar Plum Fairies Dancing in My Head

Tue., Dec. 11
It happens to me a lot this time of year. I hear a few notes from one of the iconic melodies and, suddenly, I’m backstage in the wings awaiting my turn to join the other pirouetting dancers onstage. If I’m not transported to memories of my past, hearing the melodies will have me twinkle-toeing it up and busting out some fancy footwork in the privacy of…
cover of the "FAULT IN OUR STARS"

Life Is What You Make Of It

Sat., Dec. 8
It is surprising how movies have started influencing what our reading lists look like. I have always observed that reading a novel is quite different from watching a movie. Sure, visual effects are pleasing to our eyes but the characters that grow in our imagination when reading a novel are far more colorful and realistic than the ones on screen. I must confess that John…
A sketched map of america with a red line showing Steinbeck's route, as well as sketches of his truck, his poodle Charley, and some of the scenery he encountered along the way.

Travels With Charley: In Search of America (and a good road trip book)

Wed., Dec. 5
“We find after years of struggle that we do not take a trip; a trip takes us.” - John Steinbeck, Travels With Charley Somehow having managed to skip any Steinbeck in high school, I had always imagined his work to be somber, serious and dry. But on a recent road trip from Pittsburgh to Memphis, friends brought along the audio version of his road story, Travels with…

Spotlight on Children’s Spaces: CLP – Carrick

Mon., Dec. 3
The Carrick location is the most recently renovated library in the CLP system. It's also the continent’s first Passive House library. Read on to learn more about the amazing features this neighborhood library has to offer.