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The Affordable Care Act and the Supreme Court

Tue., Nov. 17
On November 10, 2020, the Supreme Court heard oral arguments against the Affordable Care Act, which was passed 10 years ago under the Obama administration. Learn more about the history of this law and what comes next.
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Virtual Conference: Early Literacy, Libraries and You

Mon., Nov. 16
*This Virtual Conference concluded in February, 2021 and registration links have been removed from this page. Read on to see information about the sessions offered. We hope to see you are future events!* Young children need rich early literacy activities and interactions to be ready to read when they enter school. Educators and caregivers play a critical role in developing reading readiness. Virtual Conference: Early…
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New Program-Alikes for November

Fri., Nov. 13
Virtual RADical Days continue to bring joy to our screens and music to our ears with two exciting events that run through November.    The first is presented by The Pittsburgh Concert Chorale called “Pairings with the PCC.” In these videos, Music Director Susan Medley and Chorale Accompanist Bryan Sable reflect on past concerts while enjoying a drink that pairs well with that concert!   These are free, virtual events that air via YouTube. To view the newest…
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Meet Your Match Using Our Materials Match Forms

Mon., Nov. 9
If you're looking for personalized reading recommendations or materials for home or school, check out these material match forms and join the hundreds of patrons who have utilized our services and gotten great results. 
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Community Resource Guide: 2020 Election

Tue., Nov. 3
About this guide: The 2020 Election was unlike any election we have witnessed as a country. Global pandemic, record unemployment, information fatigue... all of this has played a part in how we cast our vote, and what will play out after Election Night is over. The following guide was created, not to address who won or lost, but rather to answer: “What happens next?” Using Library resources…