Databases Are Not Just for Data

Your library card gives you and your family access to all sorts of materials like books, movies and music. But you probably already knew that. Did you know it also gives you access to useful and fun digital content through our databases?

Wave, Shake, and Wiggle With Storytime Props

If you’ve been to a storytime program, you’ve probably seen us pass out scarves, shakers, or other props. They certainly add a fun element, but their value goes well beyond that. Let’s take a look at some of the more popular props and their benefits.

I Kill Giants

The lore of the giants is rich and fascinating, but whether or not it’s all real is an ongoing question.

Last Chance to See

What happens when a comedian who loves the comforts of civilization joins a zoologist to seek out endangered species? He falls and breaks his arm getting off a boat. That’s … Continued

Who Doesn’t Love Penguins?

What could be better than the rich voice of Morgan Freeman paired with adorable penguins waddling through the sparkling Antarctic landscape? That’s right, nothing is better. (Unless, of course, you … Continued

5th Grade Battle of the Books!

What happens when teams of middle and high school students read a list of 10 books, drill each other, and remember as much as they can about the stories? They come together for a trivia competition where one team is crowned champion…

Fra-gee-lay? Must be Italian…

We all have our favorite holiday movies. Maybe you have to watch It’s a Wonderful Life every December. Perhaps you’re more of a Frosty fan. Me, I’m all about A Christmas Story.