This book will leave you with a feeling of hope that will echo in your heart.

Exciting Historical Fiction

But before you dismiss all historical novels as boring, consider the following titles, which contain the likes of fighter pilots, bank robbers, and serial killers.

The Scorpio Races

Every November on the island of Thisby, those brave enough race in The Scorpio Races. But they aren’t racing on the type of horse you or I are familiar with. They race on capaill uisce, water horses that won’t hesitate to attack each other or eat human flesh.

V for Vendetta

During this especially turbulent Fifth of November, revisit the classic graphic novel that influenced a generation of anarchist stories and political movements during the late 20th and early 21st century.

Finishing School Series

If you love daring adventure, quirky characters, and strange gadgets, be sure to check out The Finishing School series!