Winter Reading Challenge

This winter we’re collaborating with libraries across Allegheny County to invite readers of all ages to read with us in this county-wide Winter Reading Challenge!

December Program-alikes

The holidays might look a little different this year. The holidays might look a little different this year. How about in italics? The holidays might look a little different this year. Did … Continued

New Program-Alikes for November

Virtual RADical Days continue to bring joy to our screens and music to our ears with two exciting events that run through November.    The first is presented by The Pittsburgh Concert Chorale called “Pairings with the … Continued

Meet Your Match Using Our Materials Match Forms

If you’re looking for personalized reading recommendations or materials for home or school, check out these material match forms and join the hundreds of patrons who have utilized our services and gotten great results. 

November’s Virtual Lineup

FOLLOW US! Facebook Twitter Instagram Teenspace Instagram YouTube Radical Days As an asset of the Allegheny County Regional Asset District, CLP is excited to participate in RADical Days 2020 with a … Continued

Classic Nickelodeon Shows

If you’re around my age, your memories of the 90s may well be filled with Nickelodeon. I look back on that era of TV with fondness. Let’s take a little stroll through some memories. And if you didn’t watch these shows at the time, maybe you’d enjoy discovering them now.