Grafitti Higway In Centralia.

The Beat of the Drums

Sat., Nov. 17
The last weekend in October, my partner and I decided to visit Gettysburg and Centralia for a “Halloween” themed trip. We started in Johnstown to visit the incline and see some friends before heading to Gettysburg, the first stop on our tour of ghostly towns. After unpacking the car we drove around downtown marveling at the tiny town with its many places to purchase ghost…

NaNoWriMo Writers, Keep At It! 

Thu., Nov. 15
It’s hard to believe, but November is already halfway over. For those of us participating in NaNoWriMo, or National Novel Writing Month, this means we only have a few weeks left to hit that 50,000 word goal. It’s hard work, but who else will write your novel, if not you? If you’re feeling discouraged and having trouble staying motivated, remember that all the best writers have felt…

Spotlight on Children’s Spaces: CLP - Allegheny

Mon., Nov. 12
For my next excursion, I took my trusty hatchback north, stopping to check out the Children’s space at CLP’s Allegheny location on Federal Street. Read on to find out what makes this Children's space so special.
Cover of a Conan Collection

Conan the Cimmerian: Not the Barbarian You Remember

Wed., Nov. 7
Conan the Barbarian.  The name draws to mind all the ridiculous images that have been drawn down the years.  He-Man.  That Schwarzenegger movie.  A huge figure with huge muscles in only a loin cloth.  Oh and probably dumb because that's what people think of when they think of barbarians.  That is not the source material. Robert E Howard's Conan the Cimmerian is that giant figure. …

Wave, Shake, and Wiggle With Storytime Props

Mon., Nov. 5
If you've been to a storytime program, you've probably seen us pass out scarves, shakers, or other props. They certainly add a fun element, but their value goes well beyond that. Let's take a look at some of the more popular props and their benefits.

Thank You to Our Great Volunteers!

Sun., Nov. 4
At the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh – Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped, we are tremendously fortunate to have an army of volunteers who help us with many important library functions.  Without our terrific volunteers, I don’t know how we’d accomplish many of the amazing things that we do. Our volunteers range in age from teenager to senior citizen, have all different abilities, and come from…
The cover of Schiff's The Witches

The Witch

Thu., Nov. 1
I am not a fan of horror movies. I tend to watch half of the movie with my eyes closed and I fly about two feet out of my chair at any little jump-scare trick on the screen. In the spirit of Halloween, every October I attempt to watch one horror film. This year it was the The Witch directed by Dave Eggers. I had…