Title page of The Meditations of the Emperor Marcus Aurelius Antoninus by R. Graves

Marcus Aurelius

Tue., Jun. 5
Marcus Aurelius is probably most commonly famous for being the Emperor that gets killed by a conniving Joaquin Phoenix in Gladiator.  This lack of good knowledge of Marcus Aurelius would not surprise him, in fact he would be astonished that we are still reading his private journal, Meditations, almost two millennia later. Marcus was a Stoic.  And no, not a Clint Eastwood show-no-emotion-stoic, but a…
Cover art of Still Walking by Rob Oliver

New Locally Produced Title: Still Walking

Thu., May. 31
LBPH is proud to share a new locally produced title available for loan or for download from BARD Still Walking by Rob Oliver was narrated by Tony Chiapetta and edited by Tony Chiapetta and Joe Farinacci. This audiobook was carefully monitored by the LBPH Studio Team Volunteers, and produced by Micah Pacileo. Still Walking By Rob Oliver DBC14809 The autobiography of Rob Oliver. At 21 years old, Rob was…
Cover art of three Jon Ronson books

A Ronson Romp: Or, An Author I Binged On Recently

Sat., May. 5
So I’ve recently read deeply into a rather strange author by the name of Jon Ronson.  He takes a journalistic and entertaining look at the subjects he chooses, from supernatural powers used by the US military to the idea of Psychopaths among us to the modern phenomenon of Social Media Shaming.   The first one I read has been sitting in my “to read” pile…
Cover art of The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson

Epic Fantasy: The Ancestor of Fantasy

Sat., Apr. 7
Epic Fantasy: the genre that promises quests, long books, probably long series, and possibly the death of the author before they are finished writing.  That last one is annoying, but I love these things like no other books I read.  There are the massive world-building epics of Brandon Sanderson,  J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, Robert Jordan, and many more.  Those are my favorite in the genre…
Cover art of the Cryptonomicon by Neal Stephenson


Fri., Mar. 16
Neal Stephenson.  Just do me a favor and read all his books.  Except Anathem. Couldn’t get my metaphorical teeth into it.  But this post is on the Cryptonomicon.  This book is amazing.  It has two plot lines that advance simultaneously; one in WW II, and one in Modern Day with the descendants of the WW II characters.  As you might guess from the name, the…


Tue., Feb. 6
Let me start by saying that L.E. Modesitt Jr. is one of my favorite authors.  He has a way of putting large scale things like politics and economics into his books with out the unnecessary info dump or boring the reader.  This is the first book of his I ever read and I have devoured every other book in this series which is up to…
cover art of The Man Who Was Thursday by G.K. Chesterton

The Man Who Was Thursday

Fri., Jan. 12
The Man Who Was Thursday by GK Chesterton is a recent read by yours truly.  The book left me with what can best be described as a spiritual concussion.  At the end of this book, you are left to wonder what you read.  You also wonder if the book meant anything.   Let’s start with a clear concise summary from our LBPH catalog.   An allegorical…

Snow Crash

Sat., Dec. 2
Have you ever heard of the word avatar?  Not the movie, or the TV show but in a video game, or on a computer where you have  “your avatar”?  Neal Stephenson's Snow Crash is what popularized the concept and that is one of the least spectacular parts of this book.  This book is a partly dystopic, and frankly realistic, view of America and part Science Fiction.…


Wed., Nov. 8
I find that readers either like HP Lovecraft or hate him, or have never heard of him before.  Not many are ambivalent.  The man wrote wonderfully creepy and demented books, and he wrote what he lived.  That is not to say that monsters and Cthulhu are real by any stretch of the imagination. They are figments of reality that humans can recognize and that Lovecraft…

CS Lewis's Space Trilogy

Sun., Oct. 8
Most people have heard about the most famous series by CS Lewis, The Chronicles of Narnia, but I want to talk about his science fiction. Lewis wrote a series of books known as The Space Trilogy.  These books are Lewis showing his skills as writer of powerful, meaningful fiction. They show his philosophical prowess and his linguistic knowledge.  Despite how high flung this sounds they…