Marcus Aurelius

Marcus Aurelius is probably most commonly famous for being the Emperor that gets killed by a conniving Joaquin Phoenix in Gladiator.  This lack of good knowledge of Marcus Aurelius would … Continued


Neal Stephenson.  Just do me a favor and read all his books.  Except Anathem. Couldn’t get my metaphorical teeth into it.  But this post is on the Cryptonomicon.  This book … Continued


Let me start by saying that L.E. Modesitt Jr. is one of my favorite authors.  He has a way of putting large scale things like politics and economics into his … Continued

The Man Who Was Thursday

The Man Who Was Thursday by GK Chesterton is a recent read by yours truly.  The book left me with what can best be described as a spiritual concussion.  At … Continued

Snow Crash

Have you ever heard of the word avatar?  Not the movie, or the TV show but in a video game, or on a computer where you have  “your avatar”?  Neal … Continued


I find that readers either like HP Lovecraft or hate him, or have never heard of him before.  Not many are ambivalent.  The man wrote wonderfully creepy and demented books, … Continued

CS Lewis’s Space Trilogy

Most people have heard about the most famous series by CS Lewis, The Chronicles of Narnia, but I want to talk about his science fiction. Lewis wrote a series of … Continued